Sunday, 26 August 2007

When I was Published

I should have really put this as my first entry of my blog! This is when I got published in Quick & Crafty Card magazine June 2006. I was thrilled to bits and so chuffed when I found out. This card I designed was meant to be a simple bright cheerful card, just something to brighten someones day!


  1. Great card! Your blog's looking great! if you like challenges I've set one over at nobody has entered yet (boo hoo!)and i'm offering a small prize too.I think people might be put off because they need to become a member of the forum. Sorry for the lengthy comment, I do go on.

  2. Hi Louise thank you for your kind words. I haven't unleashed my attempt at a blogsite to the world yet!! Any ways I have registered with CMU and am waiting for admin to clear me. I have my contribution all ready.

    Would you mind if I added you to my list of fav bloggers?? Think your site and your work is really cool. Debbie :)

  3. This is so wonderful for you! How cool! I just found your blog! Wonderful creative energy here! Deb


Thank you for dropping by - I really appreciate all my wonderful visitors. :) I will visit your blog although it may be a little while before I do. :)