Saturday, 29 December 2007

Fat Book

Here is a Fat book I have just made for my fat page swaps. I used cardboard covered with Dovecraft paper and my alphabet dies for the wording cut from funky foam. I don't have a bind it all machine so used my trusty crop-a-dile and metal fastener things. :) I am pleased with the results and look forward to filling it to capacity. :)

Friday, 28 December 2007

My Diary for 2008

..Here is my diary I made for myself for 2008. I downloaded the template from tjc, pop on over there and have a look, it's a great site. :)

Also Caardvarks challenge for rick-rac is still running so I added a piece of ric rac paper ribbon to the front cover and now it will fit lovely into their challenge aswell. :) :)

I cut the year out with my new alphabet die-cuts (love 'em)and the quote is from Patience Strong and this is one of my most favourites. I love all her quotes. :) :)

Sorry the pics are not brilliant but then neither is the light Grrrr. In the first pic the colour does not show well, but in the second pic I think you can see the colour better - it is a beautiful lilac colour. :)

Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of the festive season - soon be 2008!!!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and is still enjoying the festive season. We had a lovely christmas day and are going to friends this evening.

My neice wrote a christmas poem for us, I was really chuffed she took the time to do it - here it is:-

'Tis the time for christmas cheer,
pull a cracker and have a beer
sharing jokes and eating a sweet
spend some time just putting up your feet.

Put on you favourite chrismtas CD
sing along whilst decorating the tree,
sitting back and watching the Great Escape
falling asleep and lying in 'till real late.

Having time off work to spend at home
building snowmen and eating toblerone.
Wearing your christmas jumper and musical tie
just lounging around and eating loads of pie.

Don't get all partied out though
by always staying up really late -
be sure to leave some energy
for the New Year.....2008. :) :)
By Lorraine Williams

Also on christmas eve I had a phone call from my elderly next door neighbour asking me if I could keep an eye on her house while she and her husband went away to her daughters for christmas. She said they would be back on Thursday and would I make sure there were no cards stuck in her letter box. Now, the reaon she wanted to make sure about the letter box is that they will only be married for..........wait for it...............................................................................
70 YEARS. WOW how amazing is that, I knew they were married a long time but 70 years, that is absolutely brilliant. She is 87 and he is 93 - bless them.
70 years of marriage is their platinum wedding anniversary.
This is the card I have made for them...........

Sorry the pic is not good, but the light is rubbish today.

Saturday, 22 December 2007


Challenge is to use something free from a magazine. I have used this free Happy Birthday template and used it on parchement.


...yesterday from my pal Louly. OMG was/am I sooo pleased and honoured to receive this beautiful card from this very talented lady. You should check out her blog - it's amazing. :)

Napkin Ring

Over at tjc Traci would like to see anyone napkins rings they've made.You should pop over if you haven't already. Well here is my version, I am pleased with this and will be making the rest to match. :)

Gone Crackers

Here are some very, very quick crackers I've made. They are bought kit and could have been a lot nicer decorated, but time is so short now and I know that these will be appreciated on the day because my family like anything that people have taken the time to make. :) :) Aww. I have put in a special wee gift appropiate to the person receiving the cracker. :) ;)

Monday, 17 December 2007

We lost pussy.........:)

This is a true story which happened Friday night in our home.......

We were going out for the night as you know to my neices birthday and our friends called round to collect us. The hubby had a crimbo hat on, so my DH decided to go up to the loft to get one for himself.
Now our cat loves the loft and must have ran up there without any of us knowing.
DH got his hat, closed the loft, and off we went out for the night.

We returned about 3.30 am - very merry. LOL.

DH asked our son and girlfriend where the cat was, son replies 'dunno - went out to call for her, but she never came'.

Girlfriend replies - ' I can hear her maowing at different parts of the house, but we can't find her'.

DH, now goes on search for his favourite moggy and eventually discovers her still up in the loft...............oh, dear was she screeching and cold. LOL

Next day I went up to loft to get xmas decs down and yes, (the wise cat she is) followed me up again - only this time she came straight down whe I did.

Photos of headband and badge

Here are some pics of Friday night and my neice wearing her headband and badge I made her. She wore them all night - bless her. If you remember the reason for making these was because she used to think 30 was sooooooooo old. LOL

The other pic is of her and her surrogate grandmother. Oooh she is a lovely woman and is a fantastic laugh as you can see. :)

Friday, 14 December 2007

Inside and Out

is the latest challenge from DCM, here is my take on the challenge. A girly moving card. :) pics aren't great - sorry.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

tjc fat pages 2nd lot...

2nd lot fat pages....

tjc fat page swap

If you like to do swaps pop over to tjc, Traci organizes lots of swaps and the current one is for fat pages - using all recycled stuff. In the new year she is doing a very interesting tag swap - with a twist, love it!! It's a fab site and I am one of the moderaters there - so pop on over for a look see. ;)
I will have to twice to get allthe pages in....
Here are the pages I made for the swap. :) :)


The challenge over at PCJ is on the move, here's my take on the challenge:-

Used DCWV backing paper, image and wording printed from PC and decoupaged-ish up (2layers only).


challenge is Candy Stripes and the newest challenge is tag. This card has stripes and tag on so i am going to double it up because time is sooo precious this time of year. :)

Thank you

I just want to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has been kind enough to visit my blog and leave wonderful comments. :) :) I really appreciate it. Please forgive me if I haven't visited your blog recently but time is short coming up to the festive season. But I will get around to everyone because I love to visit my blogging pals. :) :)

Thanks again. :)

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Just a bit of digi fun....

My neice will be 30 next week and she has always said since she was 19 that she never wanted to be 30 - because it was so old (bless her) lol, and that she did not want to be old, grey and wrinkly. LOL

Now I think she should be made an example of - so tomorrow night she thinks we are taking her out for a quiet meal, but we have other plans ha. ha. Because we are starting her celebration then and will carry it throught to her b'day next week.

Here are two pics of the things I have made for her to wear, the first is a badge (flat view). Made it on Pc and laminated it and added pin on back.
The second is a headband supporting a mini generated again, but printed off 2 and laminated them seperately. Added wire to headband and created support frame for poster and used double-sided sticky to adhere together. Added nice red satin bow to finish. I hope she enjoys them LOL.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Crissi Cards

....made from old cigar tins. Yes, got the boys to save them up throughout the year, knew they would come in handy. LOL. I really enjoyed making these, and I think they make superb cards. :) :) Have had to put 2 posts up - so please carry on to the post below. :) :) Thanks x

2nd lot of crissi tins...

...second lot of christmas tins....

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Christmas swap buddy

Beverly contacted me from Canada and asked if we could be christmas card swap buddies - I was thrilled to be asked. So of course we swapped and here is the beautiful card I received from her. I love the shape of the star and the way she has wound the wire around the ribbon. :) ;)

So thank you Beverly again for a beautiful card and it was a pleasure to swap with you. :) :) :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Another 2 pages to my sons scrapbook

Used the PCJ weekly challenge - Christmas - to do a ouple of pages to my son's long awaited scrabook.:)

I wish I had started scrapping when he was a lot younger because then I could have used cute things on it - but I don't feel I can use them now he is 22!! LOL

Although these are bothe christmas pages they will no be a doulbe LO so I have made them different, I think they could have been a lot better but I did'nt spend a huge amount of time on them. I suppose the important thing is that these memories are recorded for him. Well enough of the chit chat here they are........

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sketch Challenge

Over at Charmed cards and craft they have their first sketch challenge and you have to use chipboard and ribbon. This is my take on the challenge :) The piccy isn't great because of the very poor light. :(

I've Won

Received great news from the lovely Louly herself saying that I had won her Curvy Card Comp - how happy am I.:) I win a Friskars Guillotine - yaaay!

Must say al the entries were fabulous and i would have not been able to choose a winner.

Thank you Louly :)