Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Another 2 pages to my sons scrapbook

Used the PCJ weekly challenge - Christmas - to do a ouple of pages to my son's long awaited scrabook.:)

I wish I had started scrapping when he was a lot younger because then I could have used cute things on it - but I don't feel I can use them now he is 22!! LOL

Although these are bothe christmas pages they will no be a doulbe LO so I have made them different, I think they could have been a lot better but I did'nt spend a huge amount of time on them. I suppose the important thing is that these memories are recorded for him. Well enough of the chit chat here they are........


  1. What a great layout to include tons of photos!

  2. These layout are gorgeous ,i have got to start scrapbooking ,Dawnx

  3. They're great Debbie, I love the photo's you've used, they look really fun.

  4. These are both great layouts. Love the photos.

    Just a suggestion but why not use cute accents on the layouts you do when he's a baby and forget that he's 22 now? I would match the layouts and accents to how old your son is in the photos - use cute baby accents go with baby photos and then you can use more grown up accents and layouts for the grown up photos. Like I said just a suggestion but that's what I'd do! :-)


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