Thursday, 13 December 2007

Just a bit of digi fun....

My neice will be 30 next week and she has always said since she was 19 that she never wanted to be 30 - because it was so old (bless her) lol, and that she did not want to be old, grey and wrinkly. LOL

Now I think she should be made an example of - so tomorrow night she thinks we are taking her out for a quiet meal, but we have other plans ha. ha. Because we are starting her celebration then and will carry it throught to her b'day next week.

Here are two pics of the things I have made for her to wear, the first is a badge (flat view). Made it on Pc and laminated it and added pin on back.
The second is a headband supporting a mini generated again, but printed off 2 and laminated them seperately. Added wire to headband and created support frame for poster and used double-sided sticky to adhere together. Added nice red satin bow to finish. I hope she enjoys them LOL.

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  1. I love these and I'm sure your neice will once she's realised that turning 30 is not that bad really


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