Wednesday, 26 December 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and is still enjoying the festive season. We had a lovely christmas day and are going to friends this evening.

My neice wrote a christmas poem for us, I was really chuffed she took the time to do it - here it is:-

'Tis the time for christmas cheer,
pull a cracker and have a beer
sharing jokes and eating a sweet
spend some time just putting up your feet.

Put on you favourite chrismtas CD
sing along whilst decorating the tree,
sitting back and watching the Great Escape
falling asleep and lying in 'till real late.

Having time off work to spend at home
building snowmen and eating toblerone.
Wearing your christmas jumper and musical tie
just lounging around and eating loads of pie.

Don't get all partied out though
by always staying up really late -
be sure to leave some energy
for the New Year.....2008. :) :)
By Lorraine Williams

Also on christmas eve I had a phone call from my elderly next door neighbour asking me if I could keep an eye on her house while she and her husband went away to her daughters for christmas. She said they would be back on Thursday and would I make sure there were no cards stuck in her letter box. Now, the reaon she wanted to make sure about the letter box is that they will only be married for..........wait for it...............................................................................
70 YEARS. WOW how amazing is that, I knew they were married a long time but 70 years, that is absolutely brilliant. She is 87 and he is 93 - bless them.
70 years of marriage is their platinum wedding anniversary.
This is the card I have made for them...........

Sorry the pic is not good, but the light is rubbish today.


  1. Wow that's fabulous - the poem, your neighbours 70th Anniversary and the card you've made for them.

    Well done to all!

  2. What a fab poem. Your niece certainly has talent. Huge congrats to your neighbours. What a milestone for them. They ought to write a book on the success of marriage. Bless 'em. Love the card you made for them :-)

  3. brill poem ... fab 70th anniversary card (bet they could tell a tale or 2!!) well done to them to you (card)& to your niece (poem)

  4. Awwwww! 70 years! that's lovely!
    They will love the card that you made for them! Isnt your niece talented too! What a creative family you are!

  5. Great poem Debs... Wow!! 70 years of marriage - that's amazing, awwww bless! :D

  6. Woow, 70 years!
    Beautiful anniversary card!

  7. Debbie, what a great poem and lovely card. How marvelous for your neighbours.

  8. What a brill poem, well done to your niecexxx
    Wow 70 years god bless them both....A big Congrats to them both:)
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas have a lovely nightxxx" Happy New Year":)

  9. Oops sorry...your card is beautiful:)

  10. Beautiful card, gosh 70 years that is fantastic

  11. How cleaver is your niece with the poem ,
    hope you had a lovely christmas ,wishing you a happy new year Dawn xxx
    beautiful card xx

  12. What a gorgeous poem, isn't your niece very clever, that is amazing!!!! and WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!! to the couple that are celebrating 70 years of marriage, The Lord has truly blessed this couple, and you made them such a beautiful card too Deb!! xx

    Ps sorry I missed this post when i checked in on you, i was blog hopping and never scrolled down the page {that will teach me not to rush {lol}}x

  13. fabulous cards your neighbours will love it.
    love the poem too

  14. what a briloliant poem! She's a great poet. I love the card too Deb, you're so thoughtful.


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