Monday, 18 February 2008

Inchie Challenge

This week again over at Tjc I am setting the daily Inchie Challenge ( poor Traci is up to eyes, so it's just a wee favour to help out) :) Why don't you pop over and join in the Inchie Fun, it's only meant to be a quickie challenge - hence the 1" square. ;)

Today's challenge is - A STITCH IN TIME..

Here is my example......... I used this beautiful wee stamp the lovely Marlou gave me along with another stamp as a gift when I met her a couple of weeks ago - soo sweet, isn't she. :) :) Then I stitched and coloured it.


  1. awwwww, Deb, its gorgeous!! and didn't it fit just perfect!!!!
    must get onto forum later to say hi to you all, its a homely forum, I really like it!!

    :) :) :) xx

  2. Fabulous inchie, you have got so much detail into the small area

  3. It's really pretty Deb!
    I havent tried an inchie yet! but I think that I might give it a try soon! xx

  4. Marlou's really kind to give you such a lovely stamp. This inchie is lovely :-) xx

  5. That's beautiful Deb! And your sister's little book is gorgeous... lucky you! :)

  6. How sweet is that, incredible detail! I will have to try these inchies one of these days!


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