Thursday, 31 July 2008

I received....and BLOG CANDY updated

my 'Safari' stamp set today - my first designs to be made into stamps by spiral whisper. You can check them out on the spiral website, here this will take you straight to my stamps. all stamps sold are under the name of the designer. :) :) And if anyone didn't already know my name, lol, lol it is Debbie Moore :) :)

To celebrate I have decided to give away some blog candy - I will update the post tomorrow night with the goodies you can win. :) :)Closing date shall be Thursday 14th August mid night. ;) :)
But it will definately include my Safari stamp set ;) :) :) Here is the candy

It includes my Safari Set of stamps, selection of 6x6 papers, blooms, 2 good lengths of ribbon, bling buckle, beautiful green stones with metal clasps and on the otherside of that is a few bling stars. :) :) Hope you likey.....:) :)

GOOD LUCK everyone. :) :)

All you have to do is leave a comment and a link to your blog showing your post that I have blog candy up for grabs - so what are you waiting for, lol so check out my 'Safari'stamp set and if you likey then leave your comment. :) :)


They look fantastic - crips and clear too. The set includes an elephant, lion, monkey (Charlie chimp), and a giraffe. :) :) They could be used collectively or seperately. :) :)

I feel so chuffed I cannot begin to tell you and can't wait to get stamping with them, but after a very busy day at work I am just tooooooo tired to do crafting tonight. :( But hey, the weekend is coming up - yeaaaaaaaa. :) :) :) :)
Sorry I haven't taken a photo of them but it is sooo dark and horrible this evening I doubt if I could get a decent photo. :(

If you do check them out - please let me know what you all think - I would really appreciate your views on them....thank you all kindly. :) :)

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Introducing and available...

The Wonderful Green Freddie Frog! This collection contains 5 ready to colour in images all featuring Freddie the frog and his friends Flora, Pip and Dee! They are ready now for instant digital download from Crafty Templates - click HERE to go straight there or use the button link on the right hand bar. :) :)

There are a couple of cards in the posts below too. :) :)

Enjoy and have fun with these little green guys, lol, lol :) :)

Monday, 28 July 2008

Seemore and Cloudia

Seemore, Cloudia and Sonny are available to purchase now from Spiral whisper - yeaaaaa. :) :)

Here is an Anniversary card I have made using Seemore and Cloudia of course. :) :) Don't they just make the cutest pair. :) :)
The giraffes are proving ever so popular - you are all lovin' them - so much so I am doing a christmas set..:) :) :) and you are in for a treat with them, lol. :) :) Thank you to everyone who is purchasing them - link to me and I will pop over to see you wonderful creations. :) :)

I have used BG paper 'sultry paper' a wee bit bazzil and a wee bit of Kay & Co for matting. Added pretty pearl brad, ribbon and of course my doddling - Oooh I just love to doodle and I think it enhances the overall effect. :) :)

Thanks for looking and have a fabby day. :) :)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Flora and Freddie

Here is Flora again with her other half - Freddie, - Debs designs from Crafty templates ( link is in right hand bar) :) :) I think they make a wonderful pair - don't you, lol. :) :) What do you all think??? :) :)

I made a huge mistake by trying to draw in Flora's eyelashes, lol looks like she is wearing extra long false eyelashes. They say mistakes are happy accidents, lol, lol, not when you make the mistake at the very end of your project and cannot disguise But Freddie loves her eyelashes - she flutters them at him and then he is putty in her hands, lol, lol. :) :)

I used Kay & Co papers, coloursoft pencils, flower, bling, ribbon and of course my fav doodling. :) :)

Saturday, 26 July 2008

A Thank you card..And Look what I received this morning. :) :)

Here is a Thank you card for a very sweet lovely person. :) :) :)

I would like to introduce to you all 'Flora' - she is another of my designs, she's got a hubby and two kiddies....:) :)

I have used K&Co papers, brads,ribbons and stickers from my stash and some of my faux stitching. :) :)

Hope you like her...let me know what you think please - I really appreciate your input. :) :)

Thanks for looking. :)


And wow how surprised was I when Mr Postie popped these through my door> :) :) Just looked at all these stamped beauties - aren't they just fabby. :) :) My lovely, wonderful, kind and generous friend Fe from PCJ sent me these....I have no idea why...she must have done it from the kindness of her heart awwww. :) :) :)
Thank you Fe - you are soooooo sweet. :) :)

Friday, 25 July 2008

Aonther Award

and isn't it just fabulous. :) I felt really honoured to have received this from my good friend Dawn

1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.2. Link back to this blogsite (http:// so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women.and remember the Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.
Now there are so many talented women to consider so here goes:

My wonderful sister Joani
A special friend and lovely person Marlou
A lovely person and fills me with enthusiam Kitty
A wonderful person who always has lovely things to say Sarah
A truely inspirational sweet person Tracey
and last but by no means least
A lovely friend, wonderful talented person Louly

Thank you Dawn for sending me this brilliant award. :) :)

The lovely Janet

has great blog candy on her blog here. She is one of the very talented designers from Spiral Whispers and she is offering one of her fabulous stamps along with other goodies. ;) :)

Well done Janet. :) :)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Yeaaa the monkey has a name..

I can now offically announce that the cute wee monkey's name is 'Charlie Chimp'. It was clear that you all loved this name for him and I think it suits him to a 'T'. :) :)

Thank you to everyone who voted for his name. :)

Blog Award

Blog Award from my wonderful friend Dawn. We met on a forum and are in regular contact on another forum and of course here in blog land, lol. She blames me for getting her started in this lovely land - but let me tell you her blog is fabby and her work is just beautiful - pop over and take a look see. :) :)

Now it is my turn to pass this wonderful award on and the rules are:-

1. Send it to 5 blog friends, 0ne must be from another part of the world.
2. 4 must be regular visitors to your blog.
3. 1 must be fairly new friend to you.
4. Link to the person who sent you the award and leave a comment on the 5 you nominate. ;)

So here goes - this is the hard bit...

Lea - she is a wonderful person and always visits me and her blog is just fabby. :) :)

Leo - another wonderful person who's work is amazing. :) :)

Anna - we are fairly new friends and she is - yes, another wonderful person and her blog is fabulous. :) :)

Fe-Fe - that is right - she is a wonderful person - just visit her blog to find out. :) :)

Deborah - yes it goes without saying here is another wonderful person and her blog is fabulous. :) :)

Bet you are all wondering why I have said everyone is wonderful, lol, lol - well don't you think all your friends are wonderful. :) :) :)

Off now to let all my wonderful friends (lol, lol) know that I have given them this great award. :) Thanks you Dawn. :) :)

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Here we go again.......

here are another couple of cards I promised you from the Gerry family. :) :) Spiral Whisper website is opening from tomorrow and all the stamps from the first weeks previews will be avilable to buy :) :) My Safari set is included in first week. :) :) The Gerry family - Seemore, Cloudia and Sonny are available now as pre-orders and available to buy next week. ;) :) The Gerry Family images are so much fun - I have really enjoyed doing them and have proved to be very popular - you are lovin' them. :) :) Thankyou. :)

Here is Seemore and Cloudia card - such a versatile image it could be used for various occasions.
I have used BG paper, crepe paper, stickers, brad and hearts from stash, coloursoft pencils and my doodling. ;) :)

Here is another card I have made using Cloudia and Sonny. :) :) I have made this as a Congrats Baby Boy card. :) :) BUT I am only showing you half of the card, lol, lol. Why? I hear you ask...... well the on the other half of this card I have used another stamp I have coming out with Spiral Whisper in week 3 :) :) So watch out for previews of it. :) :) This card also fits in beautifully with DCM challenge - 'doodling', which is great because it has been a long time since I have been able to join in on their challengs. ;) :)
I have used Kay & Co paper, coloursoft pencils/gel pens, brads, ribbon and acrylic stone from stash and yes of course my doodling. :) :)


Now over at This Thursday's challenge blog the challenge this week is - All Change! So for this challenge I have used a drinking glass that has gone a tad cloudy after so many washes in the dishwasher - you know how they go, lol. Well, rather than just throw it out - I thought what can I do with it??? Came up with this idea.........

Used alcohol inks to give it a bit of a key, painted it all over with red acrylic paint and whilst the paint was still wet sprinkled fine glitter allover. When the paint has dried removed excess glitter. Now I am using it as a vase and I am very happy with the result. :) :)

Here it is in full view with some gorgeous pink lillies in. :)

Here is a close-up view of it. :)

Thanks for looking and all your wonderful support. :) :)

Friday, 18 July 2008

Here we go...card unveiled and Cute Card Thursday

here is a card I have made using Cloudia (my mummy giraffe) and Sonny (baby giraffe). I hope you like them :) :) It is a baby girl card I have made - so have made Sonny a daughter for this card :) :) I am also using this card as it fits perfectly with the Cute Card Thursday Challenge as I have little time lately to enter challenges. :) :)

I have decided to post only one card up today - keep you in suspense, lol, lol will post up the others over the weekend. :) :)

I have used BG papers, coloursoft pencils, embellis from stash and of course my doodling. :) :)

Thanks for looking and don't forget these stamps Seemore, Cloudia and Sonny are available to pre-order Monday 21st July and available from 28th July. :) :)

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Gerry Family...

Previews are now showing of my Gerry Family - Seemore, Cloudia and Sonny on Spiral Whisper blog. It is a set of Giraffes - daddy called Seemore (because he is tall and can see more!, lol), mummy called Cloudia (because she is tall and elegant with her head in the clouds, lol) and babe called Sonny (because it is happy and bright like the sun, but spelled the name sonny just to be a wee bit different, lol). Really hope you all like them. :) I have 3 samples made up this evening but haven't any pics yet - so will post up as soon as I get decent pics. :) :)

Let me know what you think please - your comments are really appreciated. :) :)

Monday, 14 July 2008

Spiral Whisper has gone LIVE

Oooh yes they are live onsite now - and pre-orders on the stamps are available to order now - yeaaaa if you would like to go have a look see......TAKE ME TO THE STAMPS :) :) There is a good selection already available and lots more to be added next week by some brilliant designers.

My first set out is the Safari Set but I have made cards to show that they are not restricted to just safari, wild type designs.

Here is another I have made with the cheeky monkey :) :) And yes he is nameless - poor wee chappy. :) :)

Thanks for looking guys:)

Sunday, 13 July 2008


The second e-mag is now available from Paper Craft Junkies. It is filed with lots of challenges, inpsiration and classes - well worth a look see and it is free. :) :)

The card below is one I submitted to them and it has been added to the mag. :) :) It is a dimensional flower - I used handmade paper for the flower and painted it with shimmer water colours using a similar colour to the paper - just to add a little effect. ;) :)

Thanks for looking. :)

Friday, 11 July 2008

My Previews

The preview sneek peeks of my first set of stamps (safari set) are out today on Spiral Whispers Blog if you fancy having alook see :) :) They will be ready 21st July, but are available for pre-order the 14th July. :) I am soooooo happy and can't wait to see them - oooh my own stamps - yeaaa:)

Here is one card I made from the set - just using the cutey-pie elephant. :)

Thanks for looking and all your wonderfu support and patience with me through my excitement, lol, lol

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Not Long..

before my stamps are released - yeaaaaa. :) :) First set is due out the week 21st July, I have a second set out the following week and another set the week after that - I am sooo excited I can't begin to tell you. ;) :)

The stamps are being made and sold by Spiral Whisper the website has just been opened today if you would like to go see. Also this is the blog for spiral whisper - go along there and have a good look see. There are a couple of competitions running too. :) :)

Have fun. ;)

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Look what I received this morning from..

my wonderful sister Joani made for me and posted to me. When she goes on holiday I always want a postcard. She came up with wonderful idea of making a postcard cd - how amazing is that :) :) She is a very inspirational person - yeaaa...thanks sis :) :)


Also thought I might introduce my great neice - Paige. :) We have her for the whole weekend, so no crafting for me again, lol. She is 3 years old and such a sweet happy little girl - full of life and fun. Here are a few pics for her I took this morning....

Friday, 4 July 2008

Spoonfull of Sugar Challenge

My lovely friend Dee from PCJ sent me some stamped images of sugar nellies - how sweet is Dee to do that for me. :) I didn't know she was sending them, they just popped through my letter box one morning - what a fabby surprize :) Thank you Dee. :) :)

So I decided to do a sugar nellie challenge - week 6 is Circles - here is my take on it. :) I coloured her in with my new Color soft pencils and cut out a T shape and stitched it. :)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Crafty Templates Design cards..

Yeaaaa I'm back, LOL, LOL. :) :) I am back with some Crafty Template samples for July's kit called 'Sugar Sprinkles'. It is a lovely fun, bright kit and lovely to work with - click HERE to go have a peek at all the loveliness of the kit. :) :) The kit is available from today. :) :)
It has a great selection of goodies and there are some of those touchy feely suede papers and brads to match - oooh you just want to stroke them all the while. :)

Mark the date for a special day in the summer. :)

Close up of the stitched sunshine made from on e of those touchy feely papers:) :)

A little birthday treat for someone special, the cupcake layer is made also from that gorgeous touchy feely paper :)

The lid fits so snuggly around the box. :)

Fab idea - this frame card with the arrow. :)