Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Blog Award

Blog Award from my wonderful friend Dawn. We met on a forum and are in regular contact on another forum and of course here in blog land, lol. She blames me for getting her started in this lovely land - but let me tell you her blog is fabby and her work is just beautiful - pop over and take a look see. :) :)

Now it is my turn to pass this wonderful award on and the rules are:-

1. Send it to 5 blog friends, 0ne must be from another part of the world.
2. 4 must be regular visitors to your blog.
3. 1 must be fairly new friend to you.
4. Link to the person who sent you the award and leave a comment on the 5 you nominate. ;)

So here goes - this is the hard bit...

Lea - she is a wonderful person and always visits me and her blog is just fabby. :) :)

Leo - another wonderful person who's work is amazing. :) :)

Anna - we are fairly new friends and she is - yes, another wonderful person and her blog is fabulous. :) :)

Fe-Fe - that is right - she is a wonderful person - just visit her blog to find out. :) :)

Deborah - yes it goes without saying here is another wonderful person and her blog is fabulous. :) :)

Bet you are all wondering why I have said everyone is wonderful, lol, lol - well don't you think all your friends are wonderful. :) :) :)

Off now to let all my wonderful friends (lol, lol) know that I have given them this great award. :) Thanks you Dawn. :) :)


  1. just been catching up on your blog honey, loving your images, esp charlie chimp :) xx

  2. Awww. Thank you Debbie. How lovely. You are wonderful too! What a sweetie you are. You made my night!

    Fe x

  3. well I have a new gorgeous award for you
    Stop on by


  4. Thank you so much Debbie. What a lovely gesture. You have cheered me up in what has been a terrible week. I am shortly going to close my blog down (it's a long story)but will mention your name on there before I do.

    Anna xx

  5. Debbie you must think me so rude not to leave a comment to thank you. I honestly thought I had my friend, sorry! And thank you xxx


Thank you for dropping by - I really appreciate all my wonderful visitors. :) I will visit your blog although it may be a little while before I do. :)