Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Digital Downloads.....

I have been working hard and to show you all, lol I have finished two different sets of downloads available from Crafty Templates - Colour-in Range...HERE

The first set is Christmas Ted and it includes Ted and other Christmas themed images - 7 in total. I really enjoyed drawing these images. Here is a card I have made using one of the images. ;)

Now the second set of images are of Catkins and they include 8 images and are a mixture of Christmas images and general images These are really fun images and I think you will enjoy the. :) :) See them here

Here is a card I have made using 'puss in boots'

Thanks for looking and hope you likey. :) :)


  1. awww these are so cute! I love the cat one! very pretty xx

  2. Awww. These are so cute Debbie. I love the cat in the boot. My puppy does that but the other way round, he sicks his head in it instead. I should take a photo next time he does it and send it in for your caption comp on PCJ's! Lol

  3. I likey lol Great cards and the background of your first card is fantastic, i really need to try more backgrounds. Donna x

  4. Very cute Debbie, they are lovely

  5. these are so cute Debbie,really love the puss in boots:)


  6. Both cards are super cute!
    I likey :)

  7. Great cards Debbie - ooh! I do love the kitty!

  8. Congratulations on your continued success. I stopped looking at your blog and went and bought Christmas Ted :D He's adorable.

    I love all your cards and the canvas you did for your sister.

    I must get back here more often, so see you soon and keep up the great work xxx

  9. Awww Debbie these are gorgeous!!!! Like Sarah C I had to buy Christmas Ted, I just couldn't resist. I can't wait to print some out and play.

    You are such a talented lady xxx

  10. You just keep coming up with such cute designs...the little cat in the boots is adorable...well done xx


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