Thursday, 20 November 2008

Challenge card for....

A new challenge blog called The Crafty Muse started by the lovely talented Sammi. :) :)

this is what she wrote....... Our first challenge is to use Angelique ... So we are giving away Angelique with flowers as a freebie image so that you can play!
If you have not yet downloaded her you may do so now to use in the challenge.

Here is my card I have made with her fab image...

I actually have made this card digitally..:) Angelique was so easy to colour in using my pc and the other elements are from Peppermint Creations. I think it ihas turned out rather well and am pleased with the results..what do you think??

Why don't you pop over to visit Craft Muse and join in on her challenge - the image is free - can't be bad now can it? lol


  1. Hi Deb!!
    Thanks for joining in the challenge! :) I'm thrilled!
    I don't mind at all that you made a digital card...I think it's GREAT! Love it! You are very clever :)

  2. this is amazing! how do you do it digitally? very nice, lovely card darl! xx

  3. Love your digi card Debbie, cute image and the colours are beautiful. Debbie x

  4. Great card Debbie, I wouldn't know where to start to make a digital card but your looks fantastic. Have a great weekend. Donna x

  5. great card Debbie.

    Theres something on my blog for you if you want to except it.

    crissi xx

  6. Aww this is gorgeous Debbie
    You coloured it with your PC - Whaaat!!




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