Sunday, 23 November 2008

Do you love altered art???

if so pop over to Papercraftjunnkies new blog and just have a looksee at what Tracey has won't be disappointed. :) She has transformed a drab item into something very happy, cheerful and bright. :) :)


  1. i haven't done much altering, Emma has done me a fantastic altered box for part of my birthday. will show it on blog tomorrow.

    you done much?

  2. I havn't done any altering before but might give it a go after christmas. i have left a little something on my blog for youDeb. Hugs Linda x

  3. Hi Debbie :)

    Quite funny actually because I didnt think I was altering anything (always invisioned all the vintage sepia pics) anyway was looking through some stuff and realised I have altered things for quite a few decades!! Go figure!!

    Hope you are having a great day!!


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