Sunday, 2 November 2008

I Need A Little Help In.....

deciding a name for a lady I have just finished designing. :) I have narrowed it down to 3 names - but cannot make the final So as a bit of fun I thought I would ask all my lovely blogging pals to help me please. :) All you have to do is choose your favourite name from the 3 below and email me with your preference. I have decided to go for emails to make a bit more fun and interesting and create an air of secrecy to, lol

So here are the 3 names to choose from:-

1. Maria

2. Faith

3. Katie

Thank you to everyone who is willing to help - really appreciate it. ;) :)

You can find my email addy below my profile in the side bar. ;)


  1. That's a hard one! I think Katie, but then I like Faith.....

  2. Hi Debbie, i've sent you an email, with my choice. Thanks Maxine

  3. I think you should choose this one and have 'Faith'! :-)


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