Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas....

to all my lovely blogging pals - may it be all that you have hoped for. :)

Here are some christmas cards my lovely pals from blogland have sent to really touched me to receive them and I really appreciate your friendship.....thank you to you all..:)

This first one is from is her card she has made for the first Crafty pad challenge..and she sent it to me...aww how sweet and thoughtful and it really is a gorgeous card...:)

This one is not a card but a gorgeous calendar again from the lovely Tina - isn't is brilliant..that Poppy dog is just gorgeous. :)

This is from the lovely Dawn....:)

This one is from the lovely Leo...:)

This one is from Fe..:)

This one is from Tee...:)

This one is from Linda...:)

This one is from Dee...:)

This one is from Lea...:)

This one is from Emma...:)

All that I can say is thank you all so very much - you are all wonderful.:) :)

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to everyone..:)




  1. Have a great day tomorrow!


    Lovely cards you got Debbie...

  2. Beautiful cards!! Merry christmas from México.

  3. beautiful cards my dear xx

    Hope you had a lovely Xmas xxx


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