Monday, 1 December 2008

Well look at what the lovely..

Emma made by her own fair hand for me and it arrived today. Thank you Em - you made my day, I am stil smiling now.:) It is really beautiful - perfect. Emma emailed last week to ask what my fav colours were...a bit confused, but I replied brown and pink...and she has only gone and made this bracelet in my colours. :) (now I know what the email was all How amazing is fact how amazing is Em...she really is a caring, loverly, wonderful, talented person. ;) :)



  1. Aww Debbie - it's gorgeous!

  2. what a lovely surprise to receive Deb, its beautiful!!! enjoy wearing it :) x

  3. Emma has no internet just now, but I have just read this to her and she is busy telling me how lovely you are.....will be sending Emma my fee for secretarial work till she is back she is a lousy boss!!!!
    love teen xxx

  4. Its beautiful Debbie, you are very lucky.

  5. This is lovely and what a great surprise to recieve!

    Also..there is an award on my blog for you. :)
    xx Tee


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