Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Blog Robin - fancy taking part?

Well Claire's next issue of her online mag will soon be ready for readers. Visit The Secret Corridor and find out more......

A few weeks ago Dawn left a comment on Juliet's blog for a "Round Robin Blog Hop" request which is all part of Claire's magazine, well she got chosen - so this issue Dawn is the Blog Robin, so if you want to be part of the Round Robin Blog Hop please leave a comment at Dawns blog HERE, a Robin will then be chosen at random in 2 weeks time and featured in the next issue.

So come and join in the fun and leave your comment at Dawn's! You can also contribute to the mag too AND there is a challenge to design a new "Blog Robin"....


  1. Stop on by - have a couple of things for you!!

  2. Hi Debz... if you hop over to my blog you will see alittle something for you...xx

  3. Thanks for helping to promote the mag. I hope that means you will be having a go at designing a robin? I've just been browsing your blog and you make some beautiful things, so I hope to see a robin from you soon :o)

    Anyone who does design a robin will have it featured in the new Blog! which will be open to the public very soon!


Thank you for dropping by - I really appreciate all my wonderful visitors. :) I will visit your blog although it may be a little while before I do. :)