Monday, 26 January 2009

I have been challenged by..

the lovely Fe. The challenge is to post up the 6th picture from your 6th folder..that got me wondering just what I had there??? But it is safe to post on the blog LOL.. You then have to nominate 6 others. :)

Here is mine:-

This is a photo I had taken last year of a lily in my garden. :) The colour is so vibrant - gorgeous isn't it?

Now here are the lovely bloggers I am going to challenge:-

Paula -

Chooks -

Tina -

Maxine -

Rozzy -

Carol -


  1. Very pretty photo Debbie.

    Thanks for joining in!

    Fe x

  2. Wow good photo Debbie - so clear!

  3. Thanks debbie... I was worried after you put that lol!I love your photo. as i dont take many, mainly just of my projects... i was safe..
    here is my pucture

  4. Oh what a gorgeous pic... I do love lillies...

    Lorraine xxx

  5. lol i was about to tag you with this and noticed that you'd already done it :) fab flower honey x

  6. what a beautiful picture!!!
    have done mine!
    love teen xx

  7. What a beautiful flower Debbie.. it would make a great card....thank you for the challenge, like you I wondering whats in the 6th folder...I'm away to look xx Gaye xx

  8. Grea photo had to wait for main PC to complete the file wonder what mine is.....

    Off to check :)


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