Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Random Tagged.....

I've been tagged by my wonderful buddy Tina.
With this tag I've to list 20 random facts about myself & then pass it on to 5 others!
OK here goes..........

1 - I was born in N. Ireland but now live in Dorset.
2 - I am only a wee skinny thing..lol
3 - My fave boks ever read was by Michael Palin around the world.
4 - I am superstisious.
5 - We emigrated to Australia - but came back to the UK.
6 - I love horses.
7 - I love my job as a dental nurse.
8 - I will do anything to support my friends and family.
9 - I miss not living near my sister Joani.
10 - I wear contact lenses.
11 - I am the 6th child of 7.
12 - I can be very open but also an incredibly private person
13 - I failed my driving test first round
14 - I do not drive anymore.
15- I am a very cautious person.
16 - I am very loyal friend but will walk away if I have to.
17 - I hated being skinny when I was a child but have grown used to it now..lol
18 - I prefer to have showers than baths.
19 - I am easily hurt emotionally but getting better at protecting myself.
20 - I love to laugh.....good for the soul..:)

Now, who to pass this on to....???







  1. Thanks Debbie... I'll get onto that one, lol :)
    Glad you liked the cats. its from a set from Little claire's Designs. there is a link on teh side bar on my blog if you wanted to see others. The bear card i made tis week is also one of theirs.
    it was great reading all the facts about you :)
    hugs rozzy xxx

  2. Thanks Debbie, I will try and get round to this in the next few days!

  3. Thanks Debbie I have done this but how do I get the links to pass it on Hmm need to experiment with that I think.


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