Sunday, 29 May 2011

Crafts Beautiful Magazine

Happy Sunday Morning fellow bloggers! I am here to give a big shout-out about a very special entry in this month's Crafts Beautiful magazine! The very clever Maggie, who I am lucky enough to have on The Crafty Pad DT has made an amazing project which has been featured in the mag, which went on sale a couple of days ago! Now, if you go over to Maggie's blog, you can find ALL the details, but I simply MUST share a few pics of her work.....just to whet your appetite!

Impressive eh? Maggie has used lots of elements from the my shop, The Crafty Pad Designs

Please take a moment to go over and leave Maggie some love......we at The Crafty Pad are VERY proud of her!

Our new challenge has also started this morning - we have a fabulous Recipe for you all to try. :)
Pop on over to our challenge blog and see the fabulous inspiration on offer. :)  There are BRAND NEW RELEASES out too - Bradley and Dilbert. :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Another tutorial for making a photo board....

See I have been crafting really - even though I haven't blogged

This is my tutorial for making a photo/card holder for your wall.
I have used a bought canvas for this project but of course, you can use whatever size you prefer.

Paint your canvas your chosen colour. I have used Metallic Water Colours – Lilac for mine. Allow to dry. Now choose your colours of ribbons – I have used Grosgrain ribbon. It is stronger than most and does not fray easily.

For the first layer -
Lay your ribbons diagonally across your canvas starting in the middle and working outwards leaving equal spaces as you go. I have used 9 lengths of ribbon.

When you are happy with your layout lightly mark the edges of the canvas for the final position of the ribbons. Using a staple gun, pull your ribbon tightly and staple your ribbon to the wooden frame on the back of the canvas. Start with the centre ribbon and then continue stapling the ribbons until the first layer has covered the canvas.

For the second layer of ribbons –
Starting from the centre of the canvas again, lay your ribbons diagonally the opposite way to the first layer. This will create a ‘trellis’ pattern. Keep your ribbons at equal spaces again. I have used 7 ribbons on this layer.

When you are happy with the position of the second layer – mark the position again lightly.

Turn your canvas over and staple one end of the ribbon – DO NOT staple the other end at this stage. You will now need to thread the ribbon under and over the first layer alternating as you go.
Do this for all 7 ribbons.

The other end of the ribbons can be stapled once you are happy with the alternating – don’t forget to pull the ribbon tight before stapling.

Now you have a great photo/card holder.

I have used mine for holding cards I have made from The Crafty Pad Designs images.
I have also added a few photos of my beautiful grand daughter to show it can be used for either or both together.

How to make a Ribbon Rosette

Sorry it has been a long time again since I have blogged..

This is my tutorial for making a Father’s Day Rosette – I have made a card to match and put the rosette on the card so that it can be removed and it is a card and a matching gift. :)
There are 2 rosettes, the first one I have used the pre-coloured Rosette from The Crafty Pad Designs HERE and the second one is using the uncoloured image and a different way to use the ribbons. :)

Rosette image
Grosgrain Ribbons – very kindly supplied for this tutorial by Crafty Ribbons
Hot Glue Gun
Needle and Thread

1. I sized my coloured rosette at 10cm in length and printed off 3 times. Cut out 2 full images and the 3rd image you will only require the centre of the image.

2. Using Grosgrain ribbon – Yellow colour, width 16mm an approximately 100cm length,Thread your needle with matching thread of ribbon ( I have used white for this tutorial)Now tack (running stitch) all the way along the lower edge of ribbon.

3. Gather the ribbon together quite tightly until the length of ribbon is gathered, check that the length when curved will fit the inner circle of the rosette and secure with your last stitch.

4. Form your gathered ribbon into a circle of the size needed and check that it fits onto the main rosette image and that the centre image will fit on top of the gathered ribbon circle. Cut off the tails of the image and now cut 2 lengths of the remaining ribbon for the rosette tails and glue to the main rosette image.

5. Using a hot glue gun or similar strong glue – glue your gathered ribbon around the printed rosette. Don’t worry that the gathered ribbon is too long – just curve it into the centre of the image, this will help support your centre image.

6. Now using the hot glue gun stick your centre printed image onto the gathered ribbon and ensure it is flat and even.

7. I have put a safety pin on the back of the rosette and secured with the hot glue gun. :)
Your rosette is now complete and all ready to use on your matching card.

Here is the card I have made as an example –

This is the card without the ribbon rosette.

and with the rosette attached.

I have used low tack tape to stick the ribbon rosette to the one on the card – so that it can be easily removed and worn. :)

8. Here is the second rosette made slightly differently. This one is made using 2 co-ordinating grosgrain ribbons – 16mm wide Red Grosgrain and the other 10mm wide Gold Grosgrain.

9. We are going to use the un-coloured version of the Rosette image. I have coloured mine using Crimson and Amber Promarkers, but decided I would use the pre-coloured centre instead - the choice is yours. :)

10. Use the same steps of printing and cutting out the image.
11. We are going to use a different method for making the rosette – cut 15 pieces of the 10mm ribbon to 4cm in length and glue one end of each in place with hot glue gun.

12. Now using the glue gun glue each length over on top of itself to form a loop.

13. After cutting off the image tails cut and glue the 2 widths of ribbon to the length of your tails
14. Using the 16mm ribbon tack stitch, gather and secure ends and form a circular shape as we did in step 3, this time it should fit in the centre of your looped ribbon. Make sure your printed centre image will fit on top of it. Glue all together as we did in step 6 and 7.

15. Add a safety pin on the back so that it can be worn. :)
16. Now you have finished your rosette.

I hope you have found this tutorial inspirational and easy to follow?

Huge thanks to Crafty Ribbons for supplying such fantastic ribbons. :) I can honestly say the quality is the best. Please do pop over and see all the yummy ribbons they have - you won't be disappointed. :)

I do apologise for the state of my cutting mat - it sure gets a lot of use and wear. :)