Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Another tutorial for making a photo board....

See I have been crafting really - even though I haven't blogged

This is my tutorial for making a photo/card holder for your wall.
I have used a bought canvas for this project but of course, you can use whatever size you prefer.

Paint your canvas your chosen colour. I have used Metallic Water Colours – Lilac for mine. Allow to dry. Now choose your colours of ribbons – I have used Grosgrain ribbon. It is stronger than most and does not fray easily.

For the first layer -
Lay your ribbons diagonally across your canvas starting in the middle and working outwards leaving equal spaces as you go. I have used 9 lengths of ribbon.

When you are happy with your layout lightly mark the edges of the canvas for the final position of the ribbons. Using a staple gun, pull your ribbon tightly and staple your ribbon to the wooden frame on the back of the canvas. Start with the centre ribbon and then continue stapling the ribbons until the first layer has covered the canvas.

For the second layer of ribbons –
Starting from the centre of the canvas again, lay your ribbons diagonally the opposite way to the first layer. This will create a ‘trellis’ pattern. Keep your ribbons at equal spaces again. I have used 7 ribbons on this layer.

When you are happy with the position of the second layer – mark the position again lightly.

Turn your canvas over and staple one end of the ribbon – DO NOT staple the other end at this stage. You will now need to thread the ribbon under and over the first layer alternating as you go.
Do this for all 7 ribbons.

The other end of the ribbons can be stapled once you are happy with the alternating – don’t forget to pull the ribbon tight before stapling.

Now you have a great photo/card holder.

I have used mine for holding cards I have made from The Crafty Pad Designs images.
I have also added a few photos of my beautiful grand daughter to show it can be used for either or both together.


  1. Awwwww, love that board, but I love the little cutie even more. I came over here hoping to see piccies of her and lo and behold there she is (((hugs))) my lovely xx

  2. this is great! I adore all the differnt coloured ribbons, and how cute is your wee grand baby!

    love teen xx


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